Frequently Asked Questions


What is this? And How to Use it?
We will show you all our secret cookbook tips for tap titans and all the tips and tricks on how to get coins diamond sand how to bypass levels in tap titans. to use it simply click on the online hack and follower the instructions.

What is the tap titans hack ?
Well our engineers have worked their ass of to present tap titans cheats for you guys. our method for tap titans helps you to get coins and diamonds very easily.If you want more information regarding this game check out the wiki page of tap titans.

How is this possible?
well its abit hard to explain, but our team have cracked an algorithm in the tap titans database to connect to your account and manually change the values and score and even help with levels.

Is this safe? Will anything happen?
well it is 100% safe, feel free to check our reviews and we guarantee nothing will happen to your account, because for our safety and yours we use proxies and have our own custom vpn for the game.

What can i do with this site?
Well we will be giving you a special handbook if you don’t want to cheat, if you want to cheat our site will help you generate resources for tap titans like coins and diamonds.

Do I have to pay? are their any secret fees?
well luckily there are no fees! we get funded by donations, so this tool and method is absolutely free for you guys.

Why choose us?
Well our team is always working on keeping all our hacks and cheats up to date. So you don’t have to worry at all, we are the best.

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